Sabre Fix VBT Vapour Barrier Tape, 50mm x 25m Green



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SabreFix VBT Vapour Barrier Tape is a sealing and bonding tape used for sealing of weather resistive barrier systems, underlays, membranes, and rigid air barriers. Also use for bonding and sealing of overlaps and joints in building wraps.

  • 50mm x 25m
  • Colour: Green

The high performance adhesive system ensures very well tack values and adheres well to the polar surfaces of solid construction materials and also to non-polar, low energy surfaces, such as PEfilm. The elastic LDPEfilm carrier ensures optimum sealing on various surfaces and overlaps.

SabreFix Vapor Barrier Tape has unique adhesive properties that are suitable for bonding and covering of overlaps for various surfaces, like plywood, chipboard, OSB, and flexible vapor barrier material, particularly for SIP housing systems.

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