Red Wolf EcoSealer Enhancer


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Red Wolf EcoSealer Enhancer is an environmentally friendly oil and water repellent sealer used for penetrating deep into porous masonry and stone surfaces.

This sealer will enhance the colour of most substrates and can provide a 'wet look' if desired. It will resist most oil and water-borne staining without changing the appearance or vapour permeability of the surface.

  • Darkens the surface with minimum change of surface texture
  • Excellent resistance to oil & water-based stains
  • Reduces water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Penetrates and bonds to the masonry substrate
  • Durable protection and wear resistance
  • Best suited to porous coloured masonry substrates

Recommended uses:

Red Wolf EcoSealer Enhancer is suitable for masonry materials and is best suited for treating porous coloured masonry substrates such as natural stone, coloured concrete blocks and pavers, driveways, clay bricks, tiles, and clay pavers.

As masonry materials vary significantly, a test should be carried out prior to application to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

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