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Hiandri (High and Dry) blue bottom plate packers are 84mm x 60mm x 12mm, manufactured using polypropylene plastic and each has a compressive strength of 70kN.

The Hiandri packer is made out of tough, durable polypropylene plastic that cannot absorb moisture, and transfer it to the timber or on to metal framing. It is in reality, a very effective ‘Damp Proof Course’ eliminating the need for traditional DPC’s.

These can be used on timber and concrete floors.

  • Reduce building delays at 'pre-line' stage due to moisture in the frame.
  • By lifting the bottom plates up 12mm off the floor, it allows water landing on the slab or floor to freely move off the floor and not reach depths up to 45mm when trapped by the bottom plates during heavy rain.
  • No Damp Proof Course required.
  • Compression tested to handle up to 4 tonne.

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