Silca System with tiles

Silca System is a 400x450x38mm, 100% Recycled, engineered polycarbonate grate which is screw fixed directly to the joists of a standard timber deck construction, or to floating joist system for over membrane or slab. It provides a flat, braced surface on which to lay almost any kind of paving material, whether it be concrete pavers, porcelain, travertine, tiles, brick, natural stone or the many other options available in the market today.


When building their hives, honeybees rely on hexagons for strength and structure. Silca System mirrored this naturally-designed hexagon technology in the creation of Silca Grate. The hexagon design creates a super-strong substructure (subfloor) capable of sustaining heavy deck materials, such as brick, travertine, slate, granite, marble, and natural stone, thus giving you more decking options than you ever thought possible!

Silca Grate grids measure 400mm x 450mm and are composed of durable 38.5mm thick engineered polymer. Not only is Silca Grate suitable for elevated decks and patios, but it can be used for ground applications, porches, bridges, pool decks, rooftop decks, and more! How is it possible, you wonder? The 50mm diameter honeycombs on the Silca Grate grids offer 360 degrees of solid support, allowing Silca Grate to not only meet residential and commercial building codes, but to exceed them.

Not only is Silca Grate UV stable and easily cut to form, it is also quick and easy to install. In fact, you can install it yourself! To secure Silca Grate to your deck frame, put 6 screws into the floor joists spaced at 400mm centres and you’re good to go.


Advantages and Benefits of Silca System

  • Silca System can be used for a wide variety of applications: Decks, Patios, Stairs, Ramps, Paths, Bridges, Docks, Around Pools, Commercial and Civil Applications
  • Silca System is a highly innovative, revolutionary, one of a kind construction product
  • Silca System is the only product on the market which supports any kind of paving on timber joists, with options for on membrane and ground applications
  • Silca System is designed to keep super strong in any climate! From the snow and ice of the Southern Alps to the tropical heat and moisture of North Queensland and the Pacific Islands!
  • Silca System provides reduced Fire Risk! With non-combustible pavers on top, it does not allow falling hot ash or embers to smoulder into the deck and substructure. We also offer a Fire retardant Silca Grate rated V-0 upon special order.
  • Silca System (including paving) is more economical than Kwila, Accoya and other hardwood decking, and is over 100% cheaper than the construction of an elevated concrete slab (the only other existing way to have paving at height)
  • Silca System is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, allowing for a more environmentally friendly deck/patio as opposed to unsustainable hardwoods
  • Silca System used in conjunction with pavers, provides a maintenance free, durable raised patio, without the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden decking.
  • Silca System can be used for a wide variety of applications: Decks, Patios, Stairs, Ramps, Paths, Bridges, Docks, Around Pools, Commercial and Civil Applications
  • The quick and easy installation of Silca System allows it to reach a wide variety of market sectors from builders and contractors to DIY homeowners with massive savings on labour.
  • Silca System is New Zealand Made!
  • Originally a well-established, proven and trusted product throughout the USA and Canada
  • Silca System provides an alternative to timber decking, not previously available
  • Silca System allows for a wide variety of facia options and provides an economical solution for DIY homeowners, architects, developers and builders alike to achieve their own creative designs enhancing the outdoor living experience and adding value to your home or property
  • The engineered design of the Silca Grate’s cells provide bearing for the paver at no more than every 50mm, increasing the bearing capacity of a paver. Therefore, under point load e.g. heavy table leg, chair leg, bbq, heavy foot traffic etc the paver is supported beneath and will massively reduce chance of cracking or even total failure of the paver. (Pavers spaned between joists are not designed for this kind of loading, even if thick)
  • The engineered design spreads load through the surrounding area and transfers load onto the joist and structure beneath in an engineered format.
  • When checking out or cutting around obstacles in the deck element e.g. downpipes, vents, hand rail posts etc. Silca Grates can be easily cut with most power saw types and still retain its structural properties, hence providing support for cut paving around those tricky areas. (Cut paving being very susceptible to failure when spaned between joists.)
  • Minimal surface area contact between Silca Grate and joist allows maximum airflow to assist with ventilation and drying of the subdeck structure. (Pavers laid direct onto joist would hold moisture and encourage timber swelling/movement under the paver and other issues, leading to a rocky,
  • uneven surface.)
  • Silca grates brace the entire decking structure as a unit. Six 75mm screws per unit, creates a structural element suitable for heavy surface laments.
  • Very little if any nogging is required when using Silca System.
  • From a design point, Silca System allows for a variety of laying options as paver edges do not need to line up with joists. Full grout joints or drainage gaps can be achieved wherever you like. Even a French Laid pattern can be achieved.
  • Silca System provides a rock solid, flat surface on which to lay almost any type of paving.


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Silca system